September 19, 2021 2:27 pm

Basics On How To Register A Business In Hong Kong

How to register a business in Hong Kong? The very first step is to decide on the name of the company. Next, you should determine the scope and area of business, the number of employees, the capital required, and so on. Finally, you can choose from different business registration services available in the market. Thus, registration in Hong Kong is a three-step process.

How to register a business in Hong Kong? Step one is to write the business name and its address. If the business name is the same as the company name, the company must appoint a director. It would help if you did not use fake names. The name of your company must be the same as the name of your company.

Next, you must register the location of your business. This office is called the principal office. The company must be registered at the Public Office Building in the Central Business District, Hong Kong. The business location is critical because it enables the authorities to correct tax registration procedures. After the registration of the business, the next step is to register the company seal.

The abbreviated form of the word must follow the name of the business. For example, a Company name of “GAOLA” means the General Authority of Limited Liability Company. Next, the words” Registration” and “Org” are followed by the word “Certificate”. The abbreviated form of this word is “CPL”. Finally, the term “Certificate” is enclosed within brackets. In this case, it is a legal document that proves that the company name is genuine and registered under the law of Hong Kong.

Next, there is an “Addendum to the Address” that has the business name and address. This official document is referred to as the “Addendum to the Articles of Association”. This official document is essential because it confirms the validity of the business. After everything has been submitted, the form is then processed.

Another step in registering a business in Hong Kong is to insert the company seal and signature. When everything is ready, the clerk will sign at the bottom of the register, and the business name and address are entered on the top of the record. Finally, the company seal and signatures must be attached to the register. When everything has been submitted, the form will be closed, and the company seals and signatures will disappear after thirty days.

The next step in registering a business in Hong Kong is to write the business’s office and location. The office is the core area of the company. It is important to note that the registered office should be located in an appropriate place. The location can be decided by the owner or by the company itself.




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