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Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services


The benefits of company incorporation in Hong Kong are too many to cover in a single article. However, you may wish to be aware of the essential features that most Hong Kong companies share. It is a simple procedure that can see you become the owner of an utterly ready-made company in just a few hours. The process does not involve any lengthy application and assessment processes. It only requires a computer and an internet connection.

Besides having your company name registered at the Companies Registry, you can benefit from other Hongkong company incorporation. A wide range of business options is available to qualified business investors through a professional agent’s help. Many company registrations in Hong Kong provide an easy-to-use website that offers all the necessary information for filing a company name, changing its contact details and more. The portal also provides a library of company profiles and related company information that makes it easy for potential shareholders to learn more about different companies.

An easy-to-use company registration service offered by some Hong Kong company incorporation services in Hong Kong is the registered office’s service. In this service, a company secretary is appointed to represent the company on legal issues and carry out other business operations. A director or a shareholder can be chosen to represent the company on an annual or quarterly basis. This type of service is ideal for a company that will operate less than yearly. This option does not require a registered office and a minimum of one shareholder.

The minimum number of directors: One of the main benefits of company incorporation services in Hong Kong is that these offer a choice of minimal board of directors. You can choose between a group of directors, a nominee director, or merely a non-active director. A nominee director is a director whose duties are limited to a specific company area, and his performance is evaluated based solely on his account. A nominee director cannot be removed until he receives a full confirmation from the Hong Kong Court. Thus, he serves as a critical decision-maker for his company.

Full assistance with adopting the legal system: The incorporation services in Hong Kong provide legal assistance to corporations wishing to establish their identity in the Chinese business market. The company secretary plays a crucial role in providing this assistance. The company secretary helps the company register its name in the proper registers of the Companies Registry and the Hong Kong Company Registry. He also provides the company with the mailing address and the official filing of its articles of association with the Companies Registry. He also ensures that the statutory company seal is correctly displayed on all company material and drafts the annual report and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Access to offshore company formation services: The offshore company incorporation services in Hong Kong provide companies with the best of service, along with state-of-the-art services. The company secretary prepares the Articles of Association and provides all necessary assistance to incorporate the company. He even ensures that the company is registered at the appropriate tax authorities in the jurisdiction where it plans to do business. He also provides that the company’s application for an offshore company formation is approved.

Upon completion of the entire procedure, the company secretary forwards the final paperwork to the company founder or the company’s secretary for submission to the statutory authorities in Hong Kong. The offshore company incorporation services provide the company secretary with continual training on the law’s new requirements, including incorporating an international company.

One of the more critical tasks that the company secretary performs is providing advice to the clients about the legal process they should undertake, including registering their business and preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association. He may even offer specific assistance to the company secretary if a dispute arises during its registration. It includes advising the company secretary on how to draft the relevant documents to the required standards, how to comply with the stipulated legal procedures, how to retain financial records relating to the company, and the conduct of disciplinary hearings and appeals. Finally, the company secretary also provides support and guidance to the company secretary after registering the company name.






Hongkong company incorporation



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